Housekeeping Script for Forums

Hey fellow Webinerds! We recently started using Forums and I’m curious if anyone has a Housekeeping Script for attendees, describing the widgets/tools and how to interact with Forums. Thoughts? Thanks!

@christine.kloka.1 to be honest I don’t know if they need to be that different from regular webinar housekeeping scripts? I’ve worked with Forums in the testing period and the only thing we mentioned other then usual was the way to connect webcam/mic etc or the request to have the mic.
All other engagement widgets work the same.

I’m putting together a different script than for a regular webinar. I do think that attendees may be confused by their ability to be on camera and on audio - which is very different from a standard webinar. I plan to put screenshots of the audience engagement tools in the Lobby, along with tips on how to connect correctly.